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Fall Has Finally Arrived

Posted on October 19 2012 by

As we near the middle of October here at Storage Station on 25 James Street and 29 Flint Road, Toms River, we are trying to catch up on all of the last minute maintenance that needs to be done before winter sets in. There are so many little things to...

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The art of landscaping

Posted on October 16 2012 by

Most of us take what we see around us on a daily basis for granted. On our drive to work or taking the kids off to school we tend to have tunnel vision. Next time you hop into your car off to run errands or maybe visit friends or relatives take the time...

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Social Media

Posted on October 3 2012 by

As I fumble in my pocketbook for my reading glasses, I say a little curse under my breath. If it wasn’t for text messaging and Facebook I would never know what is going on in my children’s’ lives, but all that typing on a tiny keyboard is exhausting to...

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